What the best

Hi, what do you guys say which operating system I should run on my Linux server. It looks like a VM is better here.
What do you suggest such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc.?

THANK YOU for your support

If you run a VM, use the Home Assistant OS, it’s the easiest for beginners.

Otherwise Debian 11.

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Proxmox VE

Snapshots and easily backups

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Exactly one Proxmox server has been running for several years…iobroker, node-red, motioneye, unifi, phoscon…

That’s why I thought I could also install home assistant on a proxmox vm.

Ubuntu, Debianb11 (Thank you for the tip)

It doesn’t matter which Linux distribution I use… should be small & fast :))

As I said, if you install it in a VM, then install the Home Assistant OS. It’s the easiest to get started and you don’t need to maintain an additional OS.

After installing the Debian 11 VM, do I still need to create a VirtualBox/KVM/Vmware workstation? Or where can I find exactly the right variant?


or Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 11

Install the Home Assistant OS and save yourself all the hassle

What do you mean exactly? Do you mean I should install the HA OS on my Proxmox VM?

You create a new VM and use the Home Assistant OS image as the operating system instead of Debian or Ubuntu or whatever

OK, but how to do it? I only found the instructions from above. Do you happen to have a link or a ToDo

THANKS …Yes exactly, that’s my tutorial from above. But which one do I need to use for Proxmox Debian VM.
Is this then a standalone system and not a virtual machine running Debian 11?

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HA OS is an stand-alone system you can run directly in proxmox.

oh yes i have seen a proxmox lxc

bash -c "$(wget -qLO - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tteck/Proxmox/main/debian11_container.sh)"

Thanks i used this script

bash -c "$(wget -qLO - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tteck/Proxmox/main/pve6_ha_container.sh)"

Now the lxc is locked ?

qm unlock vm-id

did not unlock??

You ran a pve6 script, you’re on pve7

remove 107 and run the correct script
wait for the script to finish

very bad day for me…

i have installed lxc and see login

what is the password and how to continue, because a HA login page does not come yet either