What the heck: easy to use user icons

Could we have simple solution to use custom, user defined icons? Something like dedicated folder to which users could drop .svg file and refer to as usr:custom-icon across HA…

Would be nice!!

yes, I would like that too.

there is a custom integration that may help

uses fontawesom

Yes, I’m aware, yet it is over complicated for me. Such things should be as easy as using images - uploaded to www folder an referred directly by picture elements card as in /local folder.Solution that Thomas created needs to in form of add-on, since currently HA does not allow for anything else…

I actually used the FontAwesome add on, and it worked, well, awesomely. Until I tried it on another install and I have never gotten it to work since. No idea what the problem was, I could not see any errors anywhere - positive it was me and not the add-on though.

Add in FontAwesome Pro and it gets really messy, so anything to improve that in the core HA would be great. I do like MDI icons, but prefer the FA ones over all.

That’s a custom integration…not an add-on.

You didn’t see me. I was never here.


Custom icons don’t neem to be a custom integration, a very simple javascript file will do. Check https://developers.home-assistant.io/blog/2020/05/09/custom-iconsets

Well, thats true that very simple java script will do…
But I’m taking about simple to use for everyone feature, so why not make this simple java script part of core, so that users do not need to fiddle with the system?
I know that a lot can be achieved by using some custom components, but not everyone is interested in installing, maintainig constantly changing versions, dealing with components that are no longer compatible with subsequent versions of HA, etc. I’m asking for simple solution that would satisfy my requirements (and apparently at least 32, as of now, more HA users). This is how I understand What the heck month initiative, to point to things that bother us and we would like to be fixed!

Was just pointing it out for if someone was not aware of the possibility :slight_smile:

Push! This may sound like a little feature but could make HA more easy to use for beginners and thus be a more professional platform. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: