What the heck is up with the history start time and end time

It used to be midnight and midnight. That was great. Now the 3 hour window is annoying because it always has to be changed where before it was rarely changed.

I think this really depends on how big your installation is :slight_smile:

Yah, I understand that. Maybe store the last set daily timeframe (not the date, just the times) inside storage.

In the software I develop, we have ‘carry forward’ parameters. We cache various user settings and apply them each time the software loads a specific control.

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Agree with OP!

Maybe we could get a user setting for default logbook timeframe?

I think that it is set this way in the code: https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/blob/f1503f871bc2fb508402e4b2a250221c89cad630/src/panels/history/ha-panel-history.ts#L45

Now that the history panel is faster than ever, start time should be set to midnight as before.

I agree, three hours feels way too short imo. Personally, when I visit Logbook I like to see a complete overview of the current day. I suspect that is the case for most people.

You might come home from work and then want to see if everything happened as expected - what time the mail arrived, what time the babysitter or dog walker came, etc.

Right now you can’t see any of that information at a glance without messing with the time picker on each and every visit, which is a mild annoyance.

Suggestion: Load the last 4 hours first, and then 8 hours. That way you can see the stuff first. It might be annoying if you were hovering over history and it suddenly changed.

I agree, this change drives me batty. Every single damn time I have to go down and set to today. When things were better before it really makes it feel like an extra waste.

Even worse/more unintuitive is when you’re selecting previous dates on the calendar. I select for example, August 12th (click twice, once for start day and end day), review the log entries, realize you’re not seeing the whole day as you expected, go back and adjust both time fields…

Please, default to a FULL DAY.

Edit: I realized the topic name is “history”, but this request applies equally to the Logbook and History tab. Customizable defaults, or at least default to a full day, please!

I agree. I like the option to set a timeframe, but always end up changing it from the last 3 hours.

I think options for today (midnight to midnight) or x hours would be nice.

Any news on this? It’s still very, very annoying :slight_smile:

Is there some workaround to maybe have a URL that does some API magic that immediately opens “Today” and that I can put to my bookmarks?

I ended up creating a new Lovelace page that looks
exactly like the history:

  • Mark all the entities from Dev Tools - States.
  • Copy them to a Excel worksheet.
  • Copy the first column to a text editor.
  • Add "- entity: " before each entity name (without the ticks).
  • Add a new tab to the interface, set it to Panel Mode (one card, full width).
  • Add the History Graph card.
  • Click “Show code editor”
  • Enter the entities you created above.
  • Set the time range, default is 24 hours.