What the heck: why cant i configure the history view in the history view

It would be nice if i could hide and reorder things in the ui to get a better overview and maybe choose how some things should be displayed.

You can hide entities and even domains but I agree the history tab is a hot mess with many entities. Manually tweaking with configuration.yml gets complicated, especially with a restart in between

# Example configuration.yaml entry with exclude
      - automation
      - updater
      - sensor.last_boot
      - sensor.date


  • Lovelace inspired GUI editing
  • Toggle option
  • Color changes of bars… my eyes will thank you!
  • Graph splitting
  • Graph customizing
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I have found it odd that recorder/history is still not configurable via UI, and tried to find some discussions about it and found this old thread. What the heck indeed! :slight_smile:

I used to have a long list of entities in my configuration.yaml that I wanted to include, and I still found quite often that I have forgot to add some entity into that list. So, add an entity, restart home assistant, great. Recently, I deleted all and left the setting so that for every entity the history would be recorded. Of course, now my history page looks a real mess and database size is growing…

We would definetely need some kind of recorder/history revamp so that we could configure that entirely from lovelace! For example, we already have that page for every device where we can see every entity of that device, create automations, scenes etc… Why not add history settings for the entities of that device on that page as well?