What the heck, Z-wave light domain don't turn off in the UI but light is completely off

I have several automation that turn off Z-Wave in wall switches (GE 12724 3-way dimmer) after motion stops. The wall switch will show off but Home Assistant UI shows it still on.

Enable polling or set the refresh_value

Yes. This. Add to that list some goControl bulbs and HomeSeer wall switches (the dimmer ones). And yes I know firstof9 posted the fix (refresh value) but it’s super annoying to have to edit and customize all of those when this issue affects so many of my devices.

FYI, the Zooz wall switches I bought do not have that issue in case you’re like me now and a little paranoid when ordering new hardware wondering if you’ll need some special fix like that.


If you would be so kind to tell me where I can make this change.

I switched to Open Zwave add on hoping this would resolve this. I have looked under the System Values and Config Values tab in the Open Zwave UI.

Thank you for your help.

In the beta to enable polling you need to publish a MQTT command. (for now control panel is in the works)

topic: OpenZWave/1/command/enablepoll/
payload: '{ "ValueIDKey": <valueIDkey>, "Intensity": 1 }'

Replace with the valueIDkey from the “Level” entry from the MQTT topic for your node example: OpenZWave/1/node/2/instance/1/commandclass/38/value/38371345/
You should see the entry of the value like so:

    "Label": "Level",
    "Value": 44,
    "Units": "",
    "ValueSet": true,
    "ValuePolled": true,
    "ChangeVerified": true,
    "Min": 0,
    "Max": 255,
    "Type": "Byte",
    "Instance": 1,
    "Index": 0,
    "Node": 2,
    "Genre": "User",
    "Help": "The Current Level of the Device",
    "ValueIDKey": 38371345,
    "ReadOnly": false,
    "WriteOnly": false,
    "Event": "valueRefreshed",
    "TimeStamp": 1597848654