What to add to docker ha supervisor start for zigbee radio

I have ha supervisor installed on ubuntu. I have a zigbee usb radio installed and I can see the /dev/tty path to it but ha can’t see the path. I need to tell docker to pass that device to the supervisor docker.
The file /usr/sbin/hassio-supervisor starts the supervisor docker. What do I add to do that? I see a couple articles on how to do it with docker compose, but not with this CLI script. Thanks for your help.

If you use a supervised install, there is no need to change a thing for HA to access an USB port.

Hi @francisp . When I type in the path to the zigbee radio (I tried both the /dev address and the ‘by-id’ full address) in the zha integration on ha, it tells me that it is not found. This occurs even if I type it in manually. I have confirmed outside of the ha docker that the device indeed exists and that modemmanager isn’t installed. Any ideas?

On a whim, I rebooted the computer and tried to reperform the integration. It worked. I suspect new devices aren’t seen by docker dynamically and if I had restarted the ha docker, it would have solved it as well.

I’m glad to hear that solved it for you. However I also have a supervised install on ubuntu and I can plug in and unplug USB devices and they instantly appear/dissapear to Home-Assistant without restarting anything. Might be something else specific to your system preventing this.