What to get for simple automation

so i want a simple automation trough home assistant, i want one room with smart switches but for cheap. i dont know what to buy and i also dont have any idea how to set it up. to be exact: i want to control 3 lights with 2 switches and maybe also a power monitor on my power socket if that is possible on a total budget of a maximum of 100 euros. i already have the server setup and have a account but the only thing i need is the hardware. so if anyone can help me?

Not without knowing which country you are in.

Probably somewhere in Europe given the budget.

Shelly i3 behind a triple gang switch, Shelly 1pm behind the outlet… rest of the setup depends on how you are doing the wiring

A Shelly i3 does not have relays ? So you can’t control dumb lights without extra hardware ?

The i3 sits behind the switch to control other shellys that are not on the same circuit as the switch.

For example, your switch controls a single outlet. You wire the switch hot circuit closed, branch off to power the i3, and replace the switch with a triple switch. Now your old dumb switch can control 3 smart switches, and if you do that to another switch, you can control 6 smart switches, or have them both control the same 3, or some other combination.

I had a setup in a room where the top outlets were all switched with a single switch, and the bottoms always hot. I am using an i3 with a double switch, and wired the main circuity closed, and am now using a shelly plug on one outlet, and a lutron dimmer on another, both controlled by the i3.

Then he still needs to buy some Shelly 1’s

Yes. Or something else, I am using the shelly plug because there is not enough wifi reception for a 1 to work behind the outlet, once again I am not sure about the topology of the wiring or the locations of the lighting, so none of that may work… but it sure worked for me!

2 switches as in 2-way switch (3-way for the us-people) ?