What to type of power to feed energy system?

I am trying to integrate my home brew solar power monitor into the Energy System. What type of power measurement do I need to send to the energy system? Do I send it my power sensor value in Watts, or do I need to calculate kWh and send that?

The Energy dashboard only supports energy sensors (kWh).

You can calculate energy from your power sensor in Home Assistant using this if you would prefer not to do it on the device:

Thanks for the response. I am able to send either format so sending kWh is not a problem.

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I am still a bit confused with this. Do I send the current kWh consumption, or a running total of the kWh for the day? If I was consuming 1kwh for 24hrs straight measured at 1minute intervals, does it want to see 1kWh sent every 1 minute, or the running total kWh since midnight? Or something else?

You need the running total.

One last one on this… Are these totals perpetual, or reset daily?


You just need to enter the total sensor name and it will be able to display everything (day, week, month or year) just from that source. Just do so and try later the energy dashboard…after 2 hours from setting it up.