What TRV brand/system smart valve should I choose?

Hi there,

We bought our first house and want to make it smart using Home Assistant. I have an Intel Nuc ready to start controlling our smart home. Our dilemma:

Heating should be smart. Running around opening and closing valves is not working efficiently. I’m looking for smart valves that do work great with Home Assistant and is easy to set-up (because I’m new with HA).

Our situation:

  • 4 rooms on floor 1 that need to be smart heated ASAP.
  • On the ground floor we want to have floor heating in a year.
  • We have a combi-kettle (Netherlands), but we need to replace that one in 1-2 years.

Must have short term:

  • 4 smart valves for first floor

Must have long term:

  • New kettle that can handle smart heating
  • Smart thermostat ground floor in combination with smart valves for floor heating.
  • Smart valves for the attic


  • Works locally with Home Assistant, or at least offline when you’re home.
  • Smart valves show the set temperature and allow to change it with a button or twist (so guests can set temperature easily).
  • Good connection with kettle
  • SILENT! Especially for the bedroom, I hear different stories about Tado…
  • EASY! No difficult HA integrations, just good and reliable.
  • Insight in battery status
  • Nice to have: humidity measuring

We use Zigbee lightning already so I want my HA setup to read Zigbee. I also have a good Wifi Mesh network, so Wifi is also an option. Zwave can be an option if it’s working out.

I read A LOT of different stories, brands, experiences, etc. Please help me out with a solid, reliable and good working system which is futureproof and expendable. I do want to spend some money on this, to make it futureproof and energy efficient. Brands I read about:

  • Plugwise - No temperature settings on the valve, but looks serious! Also P1 meter, good.
  • Tado - Expensive and noisy? Some things through cloud
  • Bosch - Looks also good because of the silent option, does it work with HA?
  • Moes - Cheap, but noisy? Futureproof? Floor heating options?
  • Somfy?

Please help me with this and give me advice and thoughts. I think a lot of people are in this situation where you can make this important choice, while the market is still developing and not set and clear… I’ll keep you posted about my journey.