What type of gas meter is this and can HA read it

So our utilities are going smart, kinda. They have upgraded my Gas meter, attache image.

Was wondering if anyone knows the type and how to integrate it?

The power and water meter is digital also, trying to figure that out also.

Played with SDR and picked up some reading, but never mine… There was major mix use complex being built near me and think it was picking up their usage.

Note: location is Huntsville, Alabama.

Sensus News: Huntsville Utilities Monitors and Saves Energy with New Sensus Conservation Voltage Reduction Solution

Smart Utility Communications | FlexNet Communication Network (sensus.com) Most likely encrypted IEEE 802.15.4 (Similar to Zigbee).

Sensus FlexNet — Allied Power

Good luck, report back if you get any useful data.

Still working on the Hack. Running a PI5 with SDR dongles to read data. I have been able to pick up water, gas, and electricity meters, but not mine.

Did find dome info on the meter:
M120 Series 2-way Residential Gas Communications Module


There seems to be 2 types, Pointer and Odometer. I have the pointer type. The pointer type has an attachment on one of the pointer dials which has a magnet. There are two reed switches in front of modded dial. Looks like it is a binary counter…

Testing some door/windows sensors and reed switches to see about an external counter. Thoug still trying to find a way to get the reading sent to the mother ship.

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