What version of Pi do I want to upgrade to?

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I am about to upgrade my Hassio from a Raspberry Pi 2B and want to know which version of Pi 4 should I be buying ie the 1G, 2G or 4G model?

Mike Paneth
Melbourne Australia

Really, in the case of Hass.io I don’t think it would really matter all that much? I don’t see Hass as really being a memory intensive application of the Pi’s processing(*).

That said… when the time comes (I think I’ll give the Pi Foundation a chance to see and remedy any early issues that might arise (wasn’t there some ruckus a few weeks ago about the USB-C implementation?). At the very least, I’ll wait until they have Pi4 usb-boot sorted.

But when I do… it’ll most likely be a 4 gig model.

(rationale- unless you’ve got a super-intensive full-fledged install with lots of devices and external data dependencies, most of the usage is in small bursts, mostly ‘on-demand’ and really doesn’t require all that much computation on the tasks asked of it.)

There really isn’t a lot of difference in the prices, I’ll throw down $20 for a couple extra gigs.

Thanks for the reply.

Just found out that avalibility in Australia from Elements 14 is in October, so no rush now.

How many HassIO addons you do plan on using?

I have 10 at the moment.

May add a couple more if the need arrises, but has been about the same for the past 6 months.

I went through this exercise myself. Technically, running HASS.OS and/or HASS.IO you have no reason for anything more than 1G RAM. However, being an old Unix guy I have always lived by the comment; “You can never have too much RAM”. RAM is cheap as dirt now.
I settled on a 2G RAM PI4 because they were in stock for overnight delivery from Amazon.

Nobody ever got sacked for buying too much RAM.

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