What volume should I register for installation on QNAP?

Hi all. I recently purchased an old TS-253B. Updated to the latest version 5.1.5. I decided to install HA on it using Docker. I’m not a big Docker expert and I’ve also had very little experience with QTS. There seems to be installation instructions on the website. I tried to do everything according to it. But either the container is not built, or it produces an error like:

Unable to find configuration. Creating default one in /config
2024-02-18 22:16:10.841 ERROR (MainThread) [aiohttp.server] Error handling request
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.12/site-packages/aiohttp/web_protocol.py", line 350, in data_received
    messages, upgraded, tail = self._request_parser.feed_data(data)
  File "aiohttp/_http_parser.pyx", line 557, in aiohttp._http_parser.HttpParser.feed_data
aiohttp.http_exceptions.BadStatusLine: 400, message:
  Invalid method encountered:


I understand that it can’t find the config file. In theory it should be listed in the screenshot

But if I select the volume that I previously created on the Volumes tab, I get the error that I gave above.
That is, when completed, this bookmark looks something like this:

Or do I misunderstand where and what volume and configuration to add?

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It turns out it was necessary the other way around

Thank you. This was super helpful!