What way of installing to choose when using 433MHz switches?

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Hi all,

I’m a complete novice concerning HA. I installed HA 0.113.3 on a Raspberry Pi 3 from the HA image. Now I wonder if that was wise to do, since I would like to be able to control my 433MHz wall outlets to switch my lights on and off.

It seams impossible to install any other software on the same Rpi because you cannot go outside the HA environment. Attempts to go in via Putty don’t work. So all I can do is use addons via the HA UI. Sadly some addon repositories I would like to try are labled as “unknown” and won’t load into HA.

Should I have manually installed HA?

It does sound like a supervised install of HA would better suit you. Create a full snapshot and copy it off the card.

Reinstall using this method: Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Raspberry Pi OS

Restore your snapshot.

You may have to delete the home assistant database and restart if this is corrupted.

You should then be back where you started but now have access to the underlying pi OS.

Thank you! I will do as you suggest.

You want to attach a 433 transmitter directly to your Pi ?

Yes, I already have a simple transmitter receiver set, that I previously used with Pimatic. I would like to use them now with Home Assistant. And just like before, I would like to use only the Rpi, so not a combination of two Rpi’s or a Rpi with an Arduino (presumed that is possible).

@tom_l : I just finished the install of Home Assistant Supervised and restored my snapshot. That went flawless.