Whats causing power plug to turn on and off randomly

Got a power plug that randomly turns on and off. I´m trying to detect what´s causing this.

I¨ve tried to check the source if there is any automation, scripts etc that got the name “storage” , but it isnt.

As there is no context in the logbook entries (e.g. “turned off by…”) this is something external to Home Assistant.

Somebody might’ve used the manual switch on that plug.
Or perhaps the manual switch is bad and reacts to vibration / temperature changes / moon phase / whatever.

In any case, the child lock switch in your configuration should take care of that.

On the other hand, I had a similar issue with a Zigbee ceiling lamp in the bedroom, which used to turn on in the middle of the night for no reason.

After a few hours of pointless research, I decided to remove it from HA and the re-pair it.
Luckily, that did the trick and it never acted up again.

Could’ve been WiFi interference, a change in the Zigbee repeater grid I didn’t notice / the coordinator didn’t fix, but it certainly wasn’t the manual switch on this lamp because there is none.

A glitch in the Matrix, perhaps. I don’t see Zigbee as an exact science…

If it is Zigbee, it. could have accidentally formed a touch link connection with a wrong remote. Try to factory reset and add fresh.

Depending on the setting for power restore lights can also unexpectedly turn on as a result of a disruption in power supply.