What's eating disk space?

HI ,

since my hassio install 2 weeks ago, my disk space is quickly getting smaller…

  • How can i check whats eating it, and more importantly, how can i control that?
  • Would an external drive be useful, and is there a Hassio add-on for that?


I think it is the recorder part. It keeps data for the history tab. You can limit the days it keeps in the memory by adding this.

  purge_interval: 2
  purge_keep_days: 5
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thanks you, will check that.
Would be cool to keep those data though, isn’t there a way to store externally? Surely…

I think you can assign a different location for the DB file, you can read about it in the recorder component. If you keep to much data it will get slower.

Recorder component

you’re probably right!
Im also running the MAriaDB, without really knowing what to do with it yet, or how to use it. Thought it best to run it from start, and be able later to read the DB when knowing how to configure :wink:

no entry on external drives yet though, will study some more. I guess this is the line to elaborate on:

db_url: sqlite:///home/user/.homeassistant/test
should be able to point that to an external drive attached to the Pi.