What's planned for HA?

Is there somewhere I can check what’s planned for Home Assistant (and to some extent its components)? If I have a feature request or planning to add something myself it would be nice to see if someone is working on it already.

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I like that idea. I wanted to do a telegram component and started working on it only to find out I was late to the party.

Would be great to have some kind of a list where you can register what you’re working on for others to check and follow!

Like Github?

There is a public tracker but it’s limited to a group of people. We also played around with the “Projects” feature of Github but that didn’t work so well.

I think that at the moment it would be the safest way to create a pull request on Github and mark it as WIP.

I think between watching PRs and the forums you can get a heads up. In fact, if you’re thinking of a project you may want to post an intent in the forums and ask if anyone is working on something similar. You may either find another dev who may be stalled or others interested in testing contributing.

I’ve been involved in at least 6 projects as a beta tester that way. And all of them either ended up as components/features in HA or as a part of the ecosystem.

Well, yes and no. There you can check PR:s and whats happening right now, which is good, but you can’t see what is what’s planned ahead, like the goals for the next 0.X release etc.

Ok, I’ll take that route when needed. Still, I think it would be interesting for non-developers to see what’s in the works, but I understand that development gets priority over documentation.

Thanks for the replies.

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A lot of the changes are community driven, so in that sense you wouldn’t know what is upcoming because it is up to the community to submit things. The maintainers of the project are pretty good about making announcements of longer term goals, but all of that is tracked on Github

You could also post to the feature request page that you’re working on the particular item the page is about.

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