Whats the best light switch brand to get reliability encryption etc

i trying to do research which best to get
some say wifi doesnt always work.
then there is z-wave but you need 100 dollar dongle to get it to work with home assistant
i read the tp-link has issues with latest firmware
and i read you need to program certain devices with tasamo thought that was a coffee company

but all in all
id like one that works without internet. doenst need a cell phone to program.
can work with encryption so if you had DOS atttacj it cant be overriden… like access to my front door eventually…
and my internet is spotty so it has to work offline but from home assistant so no cloud stuff

i dunno if i gave enough inf
but just looking all around best no issues or little
or is still direct wife from raspberry pi to a relay is always the best,

but looked for something that connects to my home network
which best rout
or company name
since there is a bunch out there

Lifx has always worked for me. Cant speak for the cheaper wifi light brands.

It works locally without needing to flash alternative firmware.

i looked them up after you mentioned they are cool
just not offered in Canada or USA. looks like just europe and australia go figure

Huh. I did not know that.

There are some alternatives tested here:

ok ill check it out

ya if you goto the lifix.com website
it says australia new zeland,uk, europe
for change location so i assume you cant buy in canada

ill check out the video

Ignoring everything you have EXCEPT for the title, the answer is easily UPB, but that is $$$$$

A step down is Lutron Caseta, the switches are not networked, they communicate with an ethernet bridge device which is $100, and the switches themselves are $50 to $100, but the HA integration is awesome, and they are bulletproof reliable.

Both those work completely offline

i am in the same boat. Trying to figure out something low cost but reliable,
Working with Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant and 2.4GHz Wifi.

Anyone could recommend using
Gosund 2.4Ghz Wifi Light Switch

Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi Wall Switch -Unknown Model#

ok ill check out… ya as i never been fan of wireless as you walk in your house and you loose network connection or what not and run wire basiclly all my network stuff as its more reliable… drives me crazy the girl on the rogers commerical wanting to Game in competition on wireless i guessing cell internet… cell internet never that good… but ya i seen my home depot canada sells it… so its like the Z wave you still need a dongle and such witch is that bridge… are the bridges cover a whole house… i may have to wait for that … might have to try those later… with damn covid been out of work so cant afford expensive light switchs but wanted reliability… for the 60 + bucks a light switch its too bad didnt work directly with with router…

i know i made one with ardunio a switch and like a servo works as a momtary switch and i hooked it to HA so it has a wire to trigger like a push button switch too to activate servo… but damn thing triggers each time it reboots its madning and you cant set gpio position at boot like you could do with raspbarians in the rc.local file

so thats why i also looking at more options… i slowly liking this home assistant i still get frustrated at the coding so i only been doing small addding… so i not 100% ticked off lol

You can actually buy Lifx in Canada through Amazon (Amazon.ca : LIFX) and other retailers. But yeah, they are expensive.

I don’t think you are going to be able to find bulbs that will 100% hit your requirements. With that said, a good WiFi cheap alternative is the Philips Wiz bulbs. Home Depot carries them (https://www.homedepot.ca/search?q=Philips%20Wiz#!q=Philips%20Wiz). I have close to 50 of them and once you set them up in the app, you can use the Wiz integration to use them locally only through HA. For further security, you can block the Wiz app from going out to the internet through your router’s firewall or using something like pi-hole.

it wasnt really the bulbs i was asking for more the “Light Switchs” and “outlet wall plugs” as i bought a Leveton Smart Decore Zwave and found i need a stupid dongle to use it i have still have boxes of Real bulbs and some LEDS real bulbs as the real 40 60 80 100 watt bulbs
and i wanted to create toggle switch with hot water tank and a contactor as they dont make wifi 30 amp light switch just regular… so i wanted something decent… but then there was zeebe zwave wifi and since i really dont have cell phone setting up these pain and i didnt realize the Leviton works with the cell i guess but z-wave you need a dongle to use with HA just wanted plug and play lol

but ya my post was about light switchs and outlets didnt mean to for leds lights as youd have to leave the light switchs on then right?

for my house i been using garage lights i get the most light its not specificlly these
2-Pack LED Garage Light 60W LED Lights, Deformable Garage Lighting LED Fixture 6000LM 6500K, Adjustable Three-Leaf Garage Lights, E26/E27 Lumiere LED for Garage, Workshop,Warehouse: Amazon.ca: Tools & Home Improvement

but its what i use inside to get a nice bright light