What's the best way to make an input boolean toggle repeatedly?

Looking for advice on the best way to toggle an input boolean on and off every second. I’m a dashboard nut and have tried them all. The one I’ve been using is MQTT Dashboard but this became unusable when HA devs depreciated usefulness of the camera links inside HA. I was using these HTTP links to display my camera images but now that there is no local IP exemption, these links expire after a minute or so.

I’ve tried many other dashboards and my favorite by far is HomeHabit as it’s highly configurable and has a remote JSON editor which is super useful (video coming).

Anyhoo, none of the dashboards I’ve tried support flashing an icon in a programmable state yet (a feature of MQTT Dashboard) so the rubbish collection has been missed 2 weeks in a row severely diminishing the WAF and my domestic credits!

I’m looking to cheat by mimicking a devices state to an input boolean but have the input boolean toggle repeatedly when the device is active (or not). This way I can create a fake flashing icon.

What’s the best approach?

You could use the time pattern trigger to make an automation run every second… But your logs would be nothing but that.

Thank you. I’ve just found this though which I’m going to try Strobe Lights When Alarm Goes Off