What's the correct way to add a Tuya device?

Surely I’m doing something wrong … Every time I add a new Tuya device, I end up with an additional hub that not only has the new device but also duplicates all the existing devices. This is with the built-in Tuya integration, not local Tuya.

So, for example, I have 3 devices. The Tuya integration lists 1 hub with these 3 devices. After adding the new device in the Smart Life app, I go back to HA. I click on the entry for “3 devices” and then on “add device” at the bottom. After scanning the QR code with the Smart Life app, I then have a second hub entry with 4 devices, but also the original entry with only 3 devices.

Sure, I can delete the old entry (first or afterwards=. But that means that I have to go through all the helpers and automations using the existing devices and make sure they are properly recognised again.

What am I doing wrong? It’s probably something painfully obvious …

I was going to say “in the trashcan” but I believe you only need to add them in the tuya app then it will eventually get scanned to the HA integration.
It will probably take a while unless you reboot HA.

It was a long time ago since I added a tuya device (wifi, which I assume this is about) so I could be wrong and not remember correctly.


I’ve not added anything new for Tuya in a while but if you add new devices in the Tuya app and then reload the integration in HA (in the 3 dot menu next to your hub), it should pick up the new devices.

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So the answer is: Just wait. For instant gratification, reload the integration or restart HA.

I knew it would be something simple. Thanks, @Hellis81 and @mikep99

I was going to say “in the trashcan”

Yeah, they’re cheap but that’s kind of the point. I have a couple of smart plugs to make dumb devices “smart” and measure their power consumption. They do that, reliably. I even deliberately bought different “brands” (if you can call them that) and they’re all doing what I expect them to do.

I don’t mind tuya as long as it’s not Wifi.
I have a few tuya based ZigBee smart plugs and they work fine, but I would never ever touch a wifi device from tuya again