What's the name of this icon?


that would be brightness-5 and the accompanying one is brightness-7 or set them by using the device_class light

Handy reference: https://mdi.bessarabov.com/search/brightness

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if you know what you’re looking for :wink:

That’s very true! I looked at that icon and thought “I’ve seen that!” and then proceeded to search for “sun” and “light” and … yeah, it’s a slow process.

Thanks all! And yes… I always use:

But mdi:brightness-5 it is!

FWIW, I believe in version 0.115 Home Assistant will be using a newer version of Material Design icons than what is shown in the james-fry link.

For example, mdi:cog is the new name for what is known in older versions as mdi:settings

The only reason I know this is because Home Assistant 0.114 warned me (in the log) that the mdi:settings icon I was using would become unavailable.

Ok, yes I had that for mdi:hotel which becomes mdi:bed.

I presume that is in 115 it will be updated it will also be correctly documented (somewhere)… :slight_smile:

It’ll probably be one of the hundred or so changes listed in the blog heading that says “Click to see all changes!”