What's your bin collection schedule?

Hey, Everyone

I’m working on a Node-RED flow/script that will be used as the backbone for a sensor.

I am thinking that if there is enough interest I may create a series of videos on the Hasscasts channel on how to create a component from scratch instead of using Node-RED.

Before I can do that, however, I need to know what other bin schedules are out there. For example mine is:
week 1: Grey bin
week 2: Blue/White
week 3: Grey
week 4: brown/green

and we have our bins collected on Wednesdays only.
Are there bin collection schedules with multiple collections per week and what other types of bins are there.

Any information you provide will be very useful and save on late additions or requests being made later.
Thanks in advance


General waste bin every Monday morning. Recycling bin every second Monday morning. Except if it’s Christmas Day or New Year’s Day but that’s an outlier you can ignore.

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Every other Friday alternating general waste and recycling. Every other Wednesday for garden waste. But with variations for weeks with holidays.

But my council publish the calendar and I import it into. Nextcloud to access from HA with the caldav component.

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Very similar, always on a Thursday, recycling bins one week, rubbish the next, repeat ad infinitum.

Our Council just sends us a pdf and we can also view the same pdf online. I haven’t found a way as yet to get the information the way I want it, which is why I am looking at creating a custom component. I definitely want to do a component for a video series of my YouTube channel so why not do one on this. Like I said, it’s just getting the variables sorted

Thanks to everyone for the answers so far. I get the feeling that all the answers are from the U.K so far.

Aussie reply for you!

General Waste every Monday
Recycle and Green Waste bins on alternating Mondays

Week 1 - General and Recycle
Week 2 - General and Green


I have been looking into this for myself. I considered using existing custom components or creating an automation schedule. The problem I encountered was my local pickup schedule is based on the day of the week, which I didn’t see an easy way of including in automation’s. I ended up using the google calendar component as it gives me a lot of flexibility creating re-occurring events and making changes for holidays. It also allows for tracking of topics which can be linked to specific automation’s easily.

Now I just need to solve the tracking of the bins… I am thinking a bluetooth ble beacon but we will see…

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Sydney / regional NSW in Australia. My experience lines up with @kanga_who. The only exception is that not all councils collect green waste separately.

Same here, except no green waste collection
Week 1 - General
Week 2 - General and recycle

Every week (Monday) - General waste
Every other Friday (odd week numbers) - Garden waste (grass, leaves, branches etc.)
Every other Friday (even week numbers) - Bulky waste
Every 4th Friday - Glass & Paper

Thanks, Everyone for the information :slight_smile:
@chrisvella , the idea of tracking the bins intrigues me. What would you use that for? Maybe for a confirmation saying “Don’t forget you need to put the bin out; it’s still in the garage”?

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I have an NFC tag on my bins. A swipe of the phone updates HA so that it stops reminding me to take it out.

What I really need for my automated house is something to actually move the bin outside :slight_smile:


Well, hopefully the Robot Wars type people will get to work in the Home Automation sector soon and it may be that we see something like that. You never know :wink:

Bin colection here in Edinburgh is pretty complex. Here’s a link to mine:


Basically, one collection day but a combination of 5 bins - Bottles/Electricals / Garden Refuse / Landfill / Recycling / Food Waste - and varying frequency (e.g. Garden waste collected every 3 weeks, Landfill/Recycling alternate weeks)

If anyone has a bin reminder config to share please send it my way as it’ll save me doing one myself!

How funny! I was wondering the other day about writing an app that would tell you when your bin collections were and alert you to put them out…

Anyway, around my way in North London, we have main/recycling every Wednesday morning and garden waste every fortnight on Saturday mornings.

It all seems to go to pot around Christmas.

Christchurch NZ.

Three bins, green (compostable), red (general rubbish), yellow (recyclable). Green can go out every week, on your set day. Red and Yellow alternate week to week, so each goes out fortnightly.

Our council does claim to have an api, and has an app which reminds you on your android/ios device, just put in your address and never forget again! However a HASS reminder would be good together.

Wow, who comes up with these things. Your bin schedule reminds me of a code/cipher I saw the other day while my Wife was watching a documentary on the Zodiac killer in America.

That’s ridiculous, talk about usability issues. How is an elderly person supposed to understand that!

Thanks for sharing

Hey, Everybody
Sorry for the late reply, I’ve just been way too busy to get back on here and reply to my threads :-/

Thanks to everyone for the replies, it has given me a bit to be going on with.
At the minute I too am using nothing and have no sensor currently set up as I am concentrating on other things and it just keeps getting pushed to one side.

I like the idea of integrating the bins into a BLE environment from @chrisvella

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I have a 3 bin service (green, yellow, red).

  • Green = Food and Organic Waste (weekly)
  • Yellow = Recycling (alternative every 2 weeks)
  • Red = Waste/Rubbish (alternative every 2 weeks)

At the moment I’m using google calendar. But trying to learn how to code so I can do a custom component/sensor as my council has a backend and I can hook into which provides the info (returns info in json). Using LIFX bulb to flash the bin colour on the day I need to take the bins out. All currently experimental, I also tested Sonos TTS.

Would be very handy if someone already has a custom script/sensor that I can just tweak to take my url, header, data and then the ability to take the json data and import into hass that would be sweet :smiley:

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