What's your experience with HA VM running on FreeBSD (e.g. TrueNAS)

I have two servers, one running TrueNAS, another running Ubuntu Server with a HA VM and a lot of services. I am thinking about moving those to the TrueNAS machine, but have read several reports/opinions that FreeBSD is not great for running VMs, particularly that it is not quite as stable as Linux systems.

It looks like there are guides for this in the forums, but not much in feedback about how it is running, long -term.

So, has anyone been running Home Assistant OS on a FreeBSD system for some time (preferably > 1 year) and can share the experience? Have you experienced any issues? Have you needed to restart the VM (aside from upgrades, etc.)?

Also, has anyone been able to (easily, without weird modifications that require extra maintenance) attach USB devices (ZigBee/Z-Wave sticks) to the VM? The best option I’ve found was to run a dedicated “USB server” on e.g., an RPi.

Another option is to install a USB expansion card to your TrueNAS CORE, then you can pass the expansion card to your VM. Any connected USB devices will passthrough as well.

You could also consider TrueNAS SCALE, which is Linux based and may offer a better overall virtualization experience and allow easier methods to pass through your USB devices.