What's your favourite ESP32 board? (# Best, good, cheap, quality, reliable)

How are you using yours? I’m looking for a small board for WLED and this one looks nice too. Has 5v input unlike the S2 mini.

Looks a lot like the D1 Mini ESP32, which have been working fine for me (I use a few around the house, never had issues with them).

Clones of this board are the specific reason this topic was created. They tend to use under sized voltage regulators and shitty filter caps.

The S2 board Morphy linked to actually has open source hardware and appears to be a good design (500mA regulator).

I cant find any info on the regulator in the board you linked to.


I’m using it to build a new control panel for my standing desk.

That’s basically a UART receiver, some gpio switches, then a bunch of other things I’ve tacked on like 2 X small screens, 2 X LEDs, buzzer, lux sensor, ToF sensor.

I believe these are tried and tested for your application.

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I’m a bit baffled why most of the newer Lolin designs seem to be skipping the 5v pins?

I use them pretty frequently.

LOLIN Official Store

VBUS is the 5V pin.

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I have just ordered a couple of the new Seeed Studio Xaio ESP32-C3 boards to have a play with.

It seems to a nice small footprint with 0.1" pin spacing and has an external antenna which I think I’ll need for a future sensor.


Oh I see. Thanks.

I’ve bought a few S2’s out of interest.

Keen to hear any feedback on it. Cheers.

The new Seeeds are indeed very sexy. Please give some feedback here on how they perform.

Could be a while, they are not expected to ship until mid August.

(sorry guys) i started studing esphome to use with home assistant but… the esp32 world is very confusing with tons of socs/boards.

just a question… have i to buy exactly this board NodeMCU ESP32 — ESPHome or is it sufficient anyone with this soc?!


I would just pick one recommended on this thread!


@Burner66 @Mahko_Mahko : thanks both. after your answer i found an offer on amazon for the nodemcu V4 board at 7€, a little more than aliexpress undisclosed boards… while practicing homeassistant/esphome i discovered that there is a list of “compatible” boards to choose from while updating firmware, i think this should be put in evidence… btw, happy endings

Has anyone experience with this board? https://wesp32.com
It’s a POE board.

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Lots of power available. 1A @ 5V, 2A @ 3.3V. Looks like a high quality board. Which it would want to be for the price.

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I have seen good reports, although don’t ask me to find them now :slight_smile:

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Yeah maybe I should find a cheaper board. I only want to setup a relay for the Xiaomi flora BLE integration. Any recommendation for this solution?

Does it have to be Ethernet?

Does it have to be PoE?

It needs power and I don’t want to use a battery. So it would be easy to use poe ethernet. But I can’t find other PoE boards. So maybe I’ll try this one first.