What's your favourite ESP32 board? (# Best, good, cheap, quality, reliable)

Yeah I’d be happy to buy one of those ones if I was looking for one. I keep hearing people talking about being scammed with clones of say BME280’s but I never had any issue with ebay cheapies. Same with ESP8266…

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I looked at the old DEVKIT-V1 ones I have and if I’m interpreting the component and value right they seem to have a AMS1117 voltage regulator with >=1A !?


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Yeah I never had any issues with modules in that larger form factor.

I’ve used a few of these (same AMS1117 regulator): NodeMCU-32S Module ESP32 WiFi Bluetooth USB ESP-32S, 38 Pins, SYDNEY | eBay

It was only ever the “mini” versions that I had to be careful with.


They appear to be back in stock.

I bought a few to try.

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I love and use the following board, LCD screen, Bluetooth, Wifi, and 2 onboard buttons

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i use several waveshare esp one with raspberry-format DACs as speakers

and the m5stamp pico is a great mini-esp32 to integrate into something like the IKEA vindriktning

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Do you have a project write up on this?

I’m looking for something to replace a Chomecast Audio and USB speakers I use for announcements.

sure, here you got

i send my announcements via a universal media player and mqtt to my nodes
topic espaudio/announce with an url payload
topic espaudio/url for webstreams and the like

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I was interested in esp32’s with onboard screens for a bit but then I decided adding them seperately generally suited me more as it enables more flexible screen placement for the projects I wanted to do.

Oh that looks interesting.

If you are really short on space here is tiny board that has positive comments on the ESPHome Discord:

And another:

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This is an interesting ESP32 board that I have been experimenting with. USD 9 with shipping. Fits into a USA single gang wall box. I am still debating my trust in putting it in the wall, but it seems as well made as many of the devices we think nothing of using in our homes. You can do development with it powered by a TTL Serial to USB converter with it off the mains and then move it to mains when it is to your liking.

AC Powered ESP32 WiFi Single Relay Module ESP32 Development Board


Reading threads like this Songle Relay board safety concerns with 240V make me worry about those relays.

Having said that, I ordered a couple to play with (thanks for the pointer). Don’t know that I’ll be putting them in my wall though.

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The creepage distances on the back of that aliexpress board look good. Nice little cutout in the board isolating the relay coil pins from the common relay contact pin.


Though if the relay is flush against the other side of the board it’s kind of useless.

Andreas covers the TinyPICO here too.

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Good points. I’m not interesting in the relay, would rather have a board without it. While you end up with an additional circuit board is pretty much any use of this, having pretty much all the esp32 pins exposed give considerable flexibility.

As long as you are following me down this rabbit hold :wink: here are a couple more esp32 products/companies that I have found interesting and available :

DC 5V 16 Channel Wireless WIFI Module IoT ESP32 Relay Driver Remote Controller


I only use D1 Mini’s. My projects are running 24/7 so I need them to be stable. D1 Mini’s are really stable, they keep on running Wifi without needing to reset them ever. I buy them at a local distributor Hackerstore. Lolin (Wemos) D1 Mini

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Welcome to the forum. I agree that genuine d1 minis are great, but they are not esp32 wjich this topic is about.

I can recommend the LILYGO® TTGO T7 V1.5 Mini32 40 now.

It’s been solid.

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Has anyone tried the S2 Mini V1.0.0? The TinyPico looks nice but it’s out of stock and not sure how quick the shipping from Oz is to the UK.

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