What's your light switch solution for smart bulbs like IKEA Tradfri?

I’d like to use light switches in my home, wired to 230V, so that I can both forget about batteries in them as well as them acting as zigbee routers (like the bulbs) … and my existing light switche son the walls look not idiotic and dysfunct next to some glued to the wall zigbee switch… The questions I had was:

  1. Is this wise? Or will there be too many routers and the network overloads or uses too much power etc? I just like the idea to reach more space and create a more stable zigbee network?

  2. Are there high quality switches out there (satisfying European Electrical Laws i.e not burning my house down :stuck_out_tongue: ), that can be wired like this and will act just as a signal to HA and completely ignore the mechanical switch inside, so thge smart bulbs are always powered and never accidentally shut off by me or guests etc?

  3. Is there a way to send a dimming information with some switches, so the smart IKEA bulbs dim, if HA faciliates that (again ignoring any dimming ability od the switch itself … just needs the signal to HA)?

I was under the impresseion some sort of Awara Switch can do it at least, acting just as a wireless thing … but can they also route zigbee? I’m trying to find ways to have a solid zigbee network in the house :slight_smile:

First, sinceIKEA bulbs are Zigbee, they are integrated into HA with any Zigbe intergation (ZHA, deconz, etc), so are fully controllable by any switch you can intgrate into HA as well. So you can search for any Zigbee, Zwave or WiFi device using any integrations you already have or are willing to implement.
If yoy want to make it as transparrent as possible to existing house look, I’d go for Shelly Plus i4 than can be easily integrated under the existing switch, replacing its functionality with integration with HA. Using smart scripting you should be also be able tuse it for dimming (llok for blueprints that start dimming using native zigbee commands on button press and stops it on release). But I guess possible solutions are endless, including wall switches that looks like normal one, but have this funcrionaliy (using different protocols) already build in - perhaps even some matching of look would be possible…

That’s what I need: A lightswitch, that merely sends its on off or dimmer signals to HA and then HA controls the lightbulbs with it. I do not need the light switch to be able to switch ordinary lightbulbs. But most wall switches seem to be that. Something like the IKEA Styrbar is basically what I’d need, but I’d like it to be connected to 230V, so I don’t need a battery and I’d like it to act as a zigbee router as well (expanding the net). And Styrbar is something I could only “glue” on top of one of the normal wall switch placements. I’d rather have the proper solution to put in those existing wall holes as proper switches.

I’ve gone with Fibaro in-wall switches. They use the same physical switches (here in Sweden) and then can send signals and/or control the lights.

I actually have them set to power on/off the bulbs directly, even though I have IKEA ZigBee bulbs installed. This gives me a fail-safe: even if HA is down, you can still turn them on and off. However, it also means that when I turn off the 14 track light GU10 bulbs in the living room, the entire ZigBee network goes down for 5 minutes or so until the remaining bulbs find new connections.

To solve this, I put all non-bulbs on a second ZigBee network. That means that my remotes and plugs work regardless (since they are on the second network) but bulbs may stop working. However, I only use the ZigBee part of the bulbs for adjusting the color temperature during the day, so that isn’t noticeable.

I hope that’s helpful. The Fibaro switches are Z-wave and not cheap, but work well.