What's your "tablet hanging on the wall" setup? Looking to add one myself

I’ve got an (old) Samsung tab A tablet and was thinking maybe using that as a HA dashboard on the wall near the kitchen. There’s an outlet there so I could keep it charged. However, I don’t have a harness/cradle to fit it to the wall in such a way that you can keep it there or take it out.

What tablets are you guys using, how did you fit it to your wall and how did you ‘hide’ the charging cable?

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Skye - you may want to check out Makes by Mike (www.makesbymike.com) for comprehensive mounting solutions. We have a variety of mounting and charging options available. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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@Skye There are a couple of ideas here for do it yourself arrangements you may find useful.

My solution has been to mount it magnetically on the side of the fridge.
Surprisingly strong.
I used wire track to keep the wire neat.

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