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I thought I would post some details of how I have a number of UI Screens mounted at key areas around my home to allow me quick access to Home-Assistant when and where I need it.

Rumpus UI

The Rumpus Room doorway is one of the busiest passages within the house so I selected what I thought was a good spot and mounted an old iPad 2 which has proven to be very useful place to see what’s going on with my systems.

There are quite a few commercially available mounting systems which are very sleek and make the screen pretty close to flush with the wall Surface but they come at a considerable cost as well. I was looking for a cheaper solution.

What I came up with has proven to be both secure, nice enough looking and cheap! I used a worn out one piece Aldi iPad cover which I removed the front (worn) folding cover leaving only the solid backing piece. This was attached to a standard electrical switch plate using 3mm countersunk head screws with holes drilled and tapped into the switch plate. Note the two extra holes so I could screw the plate onto the wall after the mount was assembled.

For charging I wired a usb outlet in the wall cavity (connected to the light circuit via a sonoff basic) and plugged in a USB lead with side mount lightning plug which was brought through a hole prepared during the making of the modified mounting plate assembly.

Another iPad is mounted an a magnetic mount screwed to a storage cabinet beside the door in my garage. This one cost about $30.

The mating steel magnetic plate which was siliconed to the back of the iPad.

I like this arrangement because it allows me to take the iPad with me if need be.

I also have several Android phones inside control panels mounted using a similar method as the Rumpus iPad. Main difference is these ones are screwed directly to the panels inside the weatherproof boxes.

I don’t do anything too fancy for charging really…I use a modified Sonoff basic setup as an MQTT switch or my Plc’s as a Modbus switch, whichever is more easily accessible where the screen is located. I then control by an automation using the inbuilt timers on a tasmotised sonoff or FBD program on the PLC.

I don’t monitor battery status as such…I just adjust how long each screen gets charged each day and keep an eye on battery levels when I use them. Works for me.

These screens are all used regularly as they are not password protected they are ready to go almost instantly I need them. Unlike my phone which is mostly in my pocket as well but as I use a password on that there is more fiddling to do before it can be used.

myHome-Assistant Project


Nice job this looks great

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I like the mounting ideas (I went for a magnetic pad to do a very similar thing with an old iPad too)!

Can you share how you wired the usb lead/sonoff into the lighting ring?

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@duncanwilkinson I’ll try to put something together later today for you.


This is great.

I should take my beaten up Acer out of the drawer and place it somewhere in the office.

I have played with the Wallpanel application, that is just a browser with a mqtt extension and built-in motion and face detection using the camera.

The battery status can be sent via mqtt to HA and so start charging on demand.

I found the app really nice is just that that Acer Tab is really slow.


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Yes…I started off using an old android 7" tablet that was slower than a wet week but moved on to better spec options which makes the experience much better.

@duncanwilkinson Sorry for the delay…the control Sonoff Basic is mounted in a nearby control enclosure shown below. Follow the red Switched Active cable up to where it meets the Negative and Earth cables and then continue inside the TPS insulation to the USB outlet.

Below is the controlled USB outlet shown mounted on a standard plate.

The USB cable is then run into the wall cavity behind the iPad mount.

An electrician will need to carry out this type of work for you.

@wellsy Thank you so much this, that’s really helpful - I love the idea of having dedicated wall-mounted USB outlets.

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I got the old iPad setup. I hated all the wall mount cases, I wanted mine to look clean. There is a recessed outlet behind it and a magnetic mount. I can easily take it off if needed and it looks clean :slight_smile:


Looks great! What model iPad is it and do you control or monitor charging and battery status?

Thanks for sharing!

Just ipad air2, This magnet mount and this 90 degree lightning cable

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@wellsy I see you also have a Sonoff 4CH. Have you flashed it with a custom firmware to better integrate it with HA? Trying to flash mine but unable to and can’t find what’s wrong

@drthanwho Yes it is flashed with Tasmota and it performs very well (note all my Sonoff devices are flashed with Tasmota). What is the problem you are having?

@skynet01. Looks clean. Can you post photos of recessed outlet and magnetic mount after removing ipad from mount. Thanks.

“Unexpected error: ESP Chip Auto-Detection failed: Failed to connect to Espressif device: Timed out waiting for packet header”

-tried power off serial adapter and nodemcu pins
-tried swapping TX/RX pins
-not holding down GPIO0 does boot board on default firmware and connects to wifi so power should be fine from serial adapter as well

Sure, that magnet just sit on top and is REALLY strong, the ipad is always charged and if i want i can take it off in seconds. It comes with 2 magnet attachments so i put one on the other side so you can vertically place it as well.

Items used:


NIce work!