Wheater widget

Hi everyone,

i’m working a appdaemon dashboard and would like to use the wheater widget.
in the appdaemon documentation it says that its configured to work with dark sky. since you can’t add that to HA anymore i tried to use it with the buienradar integration but couldn’t get it to work. when i add the widget to the dashoard almost every thing turn blank and the everything stop working until i remove it from the dashboard.

  widget_type: wheater
  title: Weer
    icon: sensor.br_symbol
    temperature: sensor.br_temperature
    apparent_temperature: sensor.br_feel_temperature
    humidity: sensor.br_humidity
    precip_probability: sensor.br_rainchance_1d
    precip_intensity: sensor.br_rain_1d
    pressure: sensor.br_pressure
    wind_speed: sensor.br_wind_speed
    wind_bearing: sensor.br_wind_direction

this is the code that i used.
so can you only use this with with dark sky or has someone figured out how to get it to work with other wheater integrations?

Try adding one sensor at a time, e.g. start with only:

  widget_type: wheater
  title: Weer
    temperature: sensor.br_temperature

and add more sensors until you find the offending one.
Any errors in the browser javascript console?

I have tried it with one sensor and still get the same result.
i looked at the console and found a error

when i put my cursor on the red cross it says

uncaught referenceerror: unable to process binding “text: function(){return error}”

That’s a strange error. Just to make sure this isn’t a cache issue, try forcing a recompile of the dashboard by adding ?recompile=1 to the end of the url in your browser.

I can confirm that I have the weather widget working fine with individual sensors from the openweathermap integration.

it gives the same result.
i will give openweathermap a go