When are you updating your HA and HA core?

Hi there,
when do you update your HA?

I do it as soon as I see an update in the GUI. But in doing so, I encountered a major problem twice.

The first time the Fritz! Integration doubled the list of devices by using “_2”. This means that all automations were no longer usable. Workaround was to rename all devices.

For the second time (yesterday) the Fritz! Integration could no longer recognize the devices. Each status is simply unknown. Also, my Deconz integration no longer shows Zigbee signals. Within the deconz addon I could see that the communication to the devices was still working. Some investigations brought out that there is a new IP of the gateway.

The end of the story is that I got into big trouble. How to avoid this? I could update, verify functionality, and if something is wrong, use a backup. This is only a workaround and not a real solution. When do you update your system? Or do you never touch your running system?

Please help me understand
Thanks in advance

I update most times as new versions become available.

I do consider backup’s a viable solution for dealing with bugs (not breaking changes necessarily) as I’m not a programmer and can’t really fix introduced bugs. As always I do read the breaking changes for major releases.

I’m running HAOS in VirtualBox, so a full VM backup/recovery is so incredibly easy.

There are multiple threads on the forum touting different schemes and reason to and not to. I believe in updating early and often. I have time to deal with the problems so it’s not a big deal for me. I haven’t had a single issue that a reboot hasn’t fixed. YET!!!

It’s what works for you. Have you gone to github for the Fritz integration and posted your problems?

No I haven’t posted anything yet because I’m just confused why so much is no longer possible after the update. The device entities are shown with the icon


I read the changes and especially read the breaking changes. I then decide based on risk vs reward. Is there a change that will benefit me? Is there a breaking change I am not ready to deal with? Can I forego a new feature or is there a new feature that’s not critical to me? I usually run about 1-2 release cycles behind current. I like uptime, so I don’t always update and in fact it could be a while before I update as I have other things going on that take priority.

I always read the release notes including breaking changes and then watch the release thread for a week or so to see what kinds of problems people are having.

if it seems to affect things I use then I wait until it’s reported to be fixed. If it doesn’t affect me then I update.