When at 1 in the morning you realise

…that the issue you are trying to figure out for 3 hours now is not the wifi credentials of the esp, or the wiring of the GPIOs, or the missing SSL certificate of the HA raspberry, or the naming of the yaml file, or the usb cable, or the baud rate of the serial port, or the missing update of the esphome dashboard, but the fact that the 433mhz receiver you bought has SUCH a horribly range that you have to hold the remote DIRECTLY next to the receiver, and THEN you finally get log entries with the signal data.

Nothing to answer here, just venting, enjoy your week :slight_smile:

p.s.: I guess I will buy another receiver module. And clean up the messed up ESP instances in esphome (one device showing up in different statuses and different names)

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