When do HASS.IO updates appear

When do HASS.IO updated appear on home assistant. I notice HA is now pushed to 84.1 yet my HA doesn’t show anything.

Am I missing something?

After someone builds it.

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At minimum, they won’t appear until the build is complete, and shows up on the stable version list. Once It shows up there, the update prompt will be displayed when HASSIO checks for new versions and finds it; this is done every few hours, so within 24 hours of the version being available you should get the prompt to upgrade.

If you want to know when a version is available on hassio see below

Note that as silicon_avatar said it wont show up in the hassio menu until its built and the hassio supervisor has made the check which is a few hours appart.

If the sensor I linked is showing and update then you can manually make the update via command line.

Thank you
I wasn’t aware there were extra steps I just saw on the github page it was released and assumed it would automatically be ready to go

Also I completely missed your attached post when searching for the answer