When does the android app update location?

I haven’t been able to figure out how to make the android app give a location update.

So far I have managed to get the app to update location once when I first installed it, but not since?

I am happy to write automations to “poll” the app for a location update, but I can’t find documentation on how to do that either. It doesn’t seem clear to me what is iOS documentation or Android documentation.

If anyone could point me in the right direction with this it would be appreciated.



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Afaik, that’s an Android internal based on either timing and gps and cell tower change. But it’s been a long time ago I actually tried to do anything with it using tasker

Thanks for the response. I had a look at my wife’s iphone app today and there are a lot more options for this sort of thing; (e.g, “update on location change”, “update on event XX” etc, so I assume it might be coming in time to the android app.

Noticed today it took about half hour for my partners phone to update its location, which is a shame as automations wouldnt work for that half hour until it finally updates

Yep. I had zanzito working and I had an automation that when I left work it would increase it’s GPS update frequency to every 30 seconds until I got home. This ensured my automations would all kick off soon after I got to my home zone, even before I got in wifi range. Was a really good system. I did something similar to check location carefully when I arrived at work to avoid false positives.

Haven’t found anything that can do similar yet, and Zanzito doesn’t seem to be compatible with my current phone (Oneplus 5) - it is always closed to save battery and then doesn’t work at all. I spent some time trying to sort out the battery optimisation settings but haven’t been able to resolve it.

I am having similar issues with location updates.
It does more or less work, but it updates very infrequently.

I was using owntracks for location data and it was working pretty well.
Owntracks has the ability to update based on entering zones, frequency, or large position changes.

I am now using companion app, I like the UI interface and the notification features.
If the location updates were up to snuff it would allow one less moving part (owntracks) to maintain.

I would appreciate any input if anyone knows how to set it up correctly…

Or if it just isn’t ready for prime time, maybe someone can share if the location feature is going to receive any attention in the future.

check these musts: Troubleshooting | Home Assistant Companion Docs

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Ooh yes, thank you for the reply?
I had already looked at that, but looking at it closer, there was one item that I missed:

Specifically Item number 4; to allow data when Android’s “Data Saver” feature is turned on.