When Home Assistant is offline

Hi. I am looking for a system that allows me to know when my Home Assistant instance goes offline, especially when I am away from home.
I have been highly recommended Uptime Kuma, which is great, but it does not serve the purpose I am looking for. Uptime Kuma works as long as Home Assistant is functioning.
Since I use some HA features for security purposes, it is very important for me to know if there has been a power outage, whether intentional or not.
I also tried an integration with Uptime Robot, but it seems that it no longer works.
Edit: i use Tailscale for external access.
Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi, your question is not a feature request so I changed it.
A FR is something that is related to HA itself but if HA is not running it cannot communicate that it is not.

You need some other service/device to achieve this.
If you have a system that is configured as a server/always on, you could go down that path and search for monitoring software.

I have zabbix running but there are others as well.

Ok. I wasn’t sure which category my message fell into.
I hope I can find a somewhat simpler option, hopefully. I am a novice with an installation on RP4. Thanks.

No problem.
So you are running HA on a RPi? HAOS?

Yes, exactly. HAOS on a RPi 4.

Like I said, you need some other device/service that will guard your HA.
Do you have any issues with stability on your RPi?

I understand that when you also use HA as a security system, it becomes even more important to be reliable.
Not using a SD card is definitely something to consider, you haven’t done that yet.
And then there are a lot of do’s and don’ts for keeping a system stable.

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Is yours externally available? Uptimerobot will check its up and report to you.

Or deploy uptime-kuma locally. Ideally on different hardware

also if it’s crucial to keep HA running it should be powered and related network equipments on an UPS :wink:

When you really want to have a reliable monitoring it needs to be something from outside or at least another device in your network.

uptimerobot was already mentioned. I don’t know the features. What I use is hetrixtools which can do a http request in defined intervals. For that your instance needs to be reachable from outside. Another check is a so called ping monitor. You need to run a cron on your host and the host pings the hetrix. In second case you are notified when host is down or network is interrupted. But it will not realize when the homeasstant process itself dies but host itself is running.

There are several services for free or small money.

Remember that any device you place inside you own perimeter needs to be secured against what is happening to the HA, so you need an UPS or similar and that needs to protect the device, but also its communication path.

I think I would look for an Android based monitoring and notification app that can use the mobile net and then connect it to a large powerbank. No idea what is available though.

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I use Tailscale.
I tried uptime-kuma locally but is not what im looking for.

Oh, yes. That would be great. But my budget cant afford that today.

Thank you for your response!
I use Tailscale. The simplest thing would be for Tailscale to offer this feature, notifying me when my HA instance goes down, but for now they don’t.

In that case you won’t be able to use HA properly for alarm as it’s the basics for an alarm system to be powered in a permanent way :wink:

I use healthchecks.io

It’s free and I just set up an automation to ping the URL they gave me every 5 minutes. If it doesn’t get a ping in 15 minutes it sends me an email.

For low budget I would also go for something on a mobile phone, like tasker for android, to try to monitor if your android phone can still reach HA. It will give false positives when internet is down or something like it, but any solution that works outside will suffer the same problems. The upside of this approach is that you do not need to open something else to the internet.

If you create an automation or sensor with a webhook trigger, then a webhook is automatically created for you. In the automation you can do what you want, you do not actially need it. But you could for instance set a timestamp when your phone last successfully checked HA was alive. That way HA can monitor your monitor :slight_smile:

On your phone, you need to use an app that can call a webhook and notify you when that fails. Apps like tasker for Android can do that, but there are more apps like it.

Healthchecks.io mentioned above does something similar, but it would require another cloud service, and a webhook is likely a bit stricter test to see if HA is actually working. Upside of that is that it does not require your phone to be working (provided the notifications go to multiple devices).

On a sidenote: adding alarm features to HA is a great addition. It is a vreat way to use sensors you probably already have to increase home security. But it will not offer the same security levels a real alarm system does, nor will insurance companies accept it to lower your insurance fees as it won’t be certified.

Yes, if we speak strictly, you are right. It’s just that I am only trying to get a little more out of my installation :innocent:

I’ll give it a try, thank you very much.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try. Other than that, it’s exactly as you said: it’s not that I’ve set up an ad-hoc installation for security reasons. It’s just that, like many of us, I want to get a little more out of this setup and use those sensors while I’m away from home. Enough so that if they detect movement or presence, I can call my neighbor and ask them to check what’s going on.

It worked great, just what I wanted

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