When home my locations toggles to away and home several times an hour

This happens for both of the Iphones connected to the HA. The Home is located at the actual place.

Is your GPS on? Are you using a VPN (which may give the OS the “appearance” of another location)?

How big is your home radius ?
What integration are you using as the device tracker.?
Have you checked that ‘maps’ doesn’t report you jumping about (last time I dealt with this issue, it was the guys phone at fault)

Does this bug describe your issue?

I have the same issue on both my wife’s iPhone (running release) and mine (running public beta).
This is not the same as the bug @GaryK is referring to.
This occurs randomly when staying at home. It registers away after a while and then home as soon as the app i opened. It seems like something to do with tracking in the background.
And yes, I have checked the background settings etc. on the phones.

I am a iOS developer and have done several geofencing apps over the years. The geofencing on iOS is pretty solid, so this must be some kind of bug.

I.e.: My wife has been out of the house for 4 hours and is more than 50 kilometers away. Still HA hasen’t updated.

Yes @esbenr! I have it the same way.

I made a automation that turn off the lights when one of us leave the Home-zone. The bug turn off our lights even when we are all at home. It’s frustrating and annoying.