When I put the http: and the two SSL files in configuration.yaml RPi will not serve webpage

I used Duck DNS to provide a static IP address and forwarded my 2 ports to the new Duck DNS domain. Check in canyouseeme.org and everything was working. Duck DNS created 2 pem files, “fullchain.pem” and “privkey.pem” in my “ssl” folder on the home assistant os. Per the instructions, you put the following lines in you configuration.yaml file and then you access HA using the https:// prefix instead of just http://.

  base_url: [my_domain].duckdns.org
  ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
  ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem

I check the configuration and receive a “Configuration Valid” result. When I reboot the RPi, I cannot access the GUI using either https:\\ [IP Address of my RPi] or http:\\ [IP Address of my RPi]. I can ping the RPi and open the configuration.yaml file to comment out the new code but no GUI. Once I have commented out the new code, everything works again.

What am I doing wrong?



Working now. Not sure what I did differently but I may have been forgetting to append :8123 to

Got it working on my phone over the cell network as well.

Thanks everyone for helping a noob! Once I get more proficient I hope to be able to help others as well. What a great community this is!

http:// not http:\

Thr base_url option in the http: config is deprecated since quite some time.

It’s now internal and external url and it’s in the homeassistant: section -> see here

First, you are not using the editor‘s code block (</>) when posting configuration and 2nd: Is /ssl a path on the host or inside Home Assistant container?

Sorry for the confusion. That was a typo in my post. I am correctly typing the url.


The ssl folder is on the sd card on my RPi. I am running the home assistant os on my RPi.

I am new to this and am not certain what you mean by that.


Read point 11 of the community guidelines on how to properly format code.

Without the new code I can access the GUI with “http://homeassistant.local:8123” so I put the following lines in my configuration.yaml file and still no joy:

  internal_url: http://homeassistant.local:8123

Got it now. Thanks.

  base_url: [my_domain].duckdns.org
  ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
  ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem
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Please please follow what @Burningstone advised and format your code.

Edit: you got it now

When you use DuckDNS withou a reverse proxy, the internal URL will be https as well.

Yes, but that does not work either.

you have to use host.domain.xxx format.
so for example if you used to access this
you now have to access
https://hass.mydomain.com:8123 (RPI’s host name then DOT then your domain:8123)
log into your RPI and see what you called it.
user@host format
so mine is hass@hass because i’m logged in as user hass and the hostname of my OS is hass (clever i know ) lol

Did you forward port 443 to 8123 in your router?

Yes, and I used canyouseeme.org to check and everything was working.

I followed a you tube video which showed how to do this and on their local network they were able to use https:// and the ip address of the RPi appended with :8123 to reach the GUI. in my case that is

You should be able to, it will throw a cert error though. Of you have the security settings turned up on your browser it may not even load the page.
Personally I would just set up nginx instead of ha serving the Https stuff.

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groan fail.

By the time the video gets to YouTube it’s usually out of date.
The docs for home assistant are kept up to date as things change and new ways to do things are developed.