When my Sonos starts playing, turn on my Pioneer amp and set it to SONOS source

Hi all

Sorry, totally new to all this, really excited about all the possibilities there are with home assistant but finding it a bit tricky to get started.

I’ve setup the Pioneer integration from HACS GitHub - crowbarz/ha-pioneer_async: Home Assistant media_player component for Pioneer AVRs, rewritten in asyncio and supporting the UI config flow.

I can select the SONOS source using the widget on the dashboard, so that works fine from HA

I’m trying to setup an automation which will power on and change the source of my pioneer amp to SONOS

When I add an action then device to the automation, it doens’t give me the option of any actions I can choose???

as a test, if I add an action with the device set to a Hue bulb, it gives me the actions, ie. turn on or off the bulb

any ideas? sorry if I haven’t explained this very well

I’ve been looking at the logs, and it only shows when the Pioneer amp turns on or off, was hoping that it would show when I change source etc. which would help me loads to suss this out :slight_smile:

Hi Neil, welcome to the forum!

The official integration doesn’t work for you?

thanks Nick! I’ve managed to suss this out now, I needed to use ‘call service’ in the automation action

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Good that you got it solved Neil!

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