When setting up my dashboard in my browser on my Mac, the images doesn't show in my dashboard app on my tablet

I’ve set up a dashboard for my wall tablet with everything I need.

But when I test it in my browser on my Mac, everything works great. But when I open the HA app on my tablet, the images won’t load. And I have no idea what to do to make it work.

Can someone help please?

Have you refreshed the dashboard on your tablet and cleared it’s cache?
Can you share the yaml for the dashboard?

I have this used in a line:

- type: markdown
        content: >-
          ![Image](/config/www/media/dot_darkblue2.png) Agenda Linda en Ronald
          Agenda Efteling

          Agenda Ronald en Linda
          Agenda Schox Techniek

(this is just a simple legend for the colors of our calendar)

But both ways won’t show the image. And then sometimes, all of a sudden, it works! And I have no idea how and why and if I want to make it work on my walltablet, there are no images.

It may be due to the use of homeassistant.local - try replacing it with the IP address of the machine that HA sits on.

I wonder why not using a simpler way?

        type: markdown
        content: >-
          ![Image](/local/images/test/blue.jpg) xxx
          ![Image](/local/images/test/orange.jpg) yyy

Does this work on your tablet in the browser?