When tryting to print a value (bytes from a camera) I get b'401: Unauthorized'

I’m trying to set up motionEye exposed cameras to image processing with deepstack object or deepstack face.
The issue is that whenever the method process_image runs on bytes gotten from any camera I get this UnidentifiedImageError
I’ve set up a python remote debugging environment using vscode but I’m really noob on python, I’m mostly acquainted with JS
When I try to print the image bytes value I get this message: b’401: Unauthorized’
What I’d like to do is to inspect somehow the image that comes from the camera to try to pass it along to deepstack. Maybe I could save these bytes to a file?
How would you guys proceed with debugging / trying to solve the issue?
Thanks in advance

Please delete the image of your error message and post the text itself, quoted.

It’s not an image of an error it’s an image of the debugger with me trying to inspect a value
This is what I get: b’401: Unauthorized’

The error is thrown afterwards when trying to call Image.open I get UnidentifiedImageError
I understood that maybe the 401 Unauthorized is related to my camera not returning a proper response and not python debugger not allowing me to inspect the values…
Still trying to figure out