When using auto-entities, show attribute rather than state

Learning and loving the auto-entities plugin. Working well. I’m trying to display an entities card type, but rather than showing state, I’d like to show an entity attribute called “battery_level”. Any idea how to do that with the standard entities card ?


Same here! I need a card with all my device-trackers that are home (no problem), as additional info i like to show the trackers attribute IP.

Any hints on this?

I need this too. Is there a solution, perhaps an alternate card?

Any reason of not asking these questions in a dedicated thread? IMHO they will be answered faster.

This thread, though old, is exactly the question I wanted to ask. Would a new thread be any different?

  1. If it is OK for you to reduce a probability to get an answer.
  2. If it is OK for you to add 100 new threads about the same issue instead of looking for a solution in the dedicated thread.

Sorry I thought you were proposing a new thread. Which thread do you mean?

You’re welcome, this thread is monitored by many users of the auto-entities card:

Some of them may help you rather fast.

Thanks, I didn’t find that thread in my search.

Almost every popular card has it’s dedicated thread.

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