When using person in automation, do you use entity_id or friendly name?

I can’t get my automation when I get to and leave the office to work. The ones that use “home” and “away” work. Some searching makes me think that the “home” zone acts differently than other zones. That other zones might use the friendly name.

The zone does work …

Here is my current automation and it is not firing.

 - alias: 'Paul Arriving Office'
      - platform: state
        entity_id: person.paul
        to: 'paul_s_office' 
      service: notify.family
        message: "Paul has arrived at the office. Time: {{now().strftime('%I:%M:%S %p')}



So do I use ( to: ‘paul_s_office’) or (to: ‘Paul’s Office’)?

You use the friendly name.


When you only get 2 tries a day and only 5 days a week, I did take the lazy way out and ask instead of my usual way of trial and error. :slight_smile: