When we are getting official backup to cloud addon?

I know there is couple of unofficial ones which upload backups to the Google drive.
Which unofficial addon you use until this is solved?


At least an FTP option would be great :wink:


I prefer to be able to backup to my NAS (that get’s off-site backups once a month).

So I just run a simple automated backup and use a custom clean-up component.


- id: daily_backup
  alias: Daily Backup at 1 AM
  initial_state: true
    platform: time
    at: '01:15:00'
  - service: hassio.snapshot_full
      name: Automated Backup {{ now().strftime('%Y-%m-%d') }}
  - service: notify.ios_iphonex
      message: Creating backup named "Automated Backup {{ now().strftime('%Y-%m-%d') }}"

- id: daily_snapshot_clean_up
  alias: Daily Snapshot Clean Up
    platform: time
    at: '06:17:15'
    service: clean_up_backups_service.clean_up


  host: !secret clean_up_base_url
  token: !secret clean_up_token
  number_of_backups_to_keep: 20

Then my always on PC syncs files from the hassio backup folder to my NAS.

FTP would indeed simplify things.


Why such an insecure method?
There are reasons that has been replaced by encrypted methods such as scp and sftp.

It’s a simple and reliable protocol with low overhead. FTP over a VLANed local network is secure enough for me.

Then why not tftp, which is even simpler with no login? There are too many choices.

I am sure you can write an addon yourself if it is that important.

The devs are busy trying to keep the core installation stable with all the recent changes.

My stupid WD NAS only supports FTP as far as I know.

Who said it was important?

I have a working solution.

Breathe in. Calm down.

No one is making demands with blazing firebrands and pitchforks.

This is a simple discussion about a ‘nice to have’.

EDIT: yeah ok the topic is a bit passive demand-ish.

Ive used this one for awhile now.

Ive don’t love the data going to ‘the cloud’ given files like secrets.yaml contain a lot of sensitive data. I use a unique gmail account for this that has a strong password and 2fa. The add-on is allowed access through a unique app password. Any login e-mails get immediately forwarded to my main e-mail so I know if anyone is knocking. Hopefully that is secure enough.

as for the add-on, its been flawless. I have it set to keep 3 local copies and 15 with google. There is always 3 locally and I check periodically and it is maintaining 15 with google which doesn’t overflow the drive.

I haven’t performed a restore from this method but I have inspected the contents and all the pertinent files are there. The snapshot is done by HA anyway and I have restored from one of those before and it works well.

Here is my automation for regular backups.

There is a very similar google drive backup that has a lot of the same feautres but a more polished user experience if you prefer that.

Hearing this at t first I was :grimacing: but then considering the reality of goggle security (your data is theirs! not anyone else’s) I was like, :man_shrugging:

Would be pretty cool if it had an exclude file option or was encrypted.

I think some people use gitlab or github because you can exclude files. IT should be possible to encrypt first but you need the encryption keys and your secrets regularly, safely backed up somewhere else.

You can encrypt the backup. I’ve been meaning to look into how it works.

ftp is ok locally, but for moving off-site you need security. And from someone who has been through a major earthquake, you need offsite. And not to a server in the same city.

amazon s3 provides easy backup.

I think it would be good for someone to look at what software like Restic, or BORG backup are doing. Perhaps an official Restic docker container as an add-on where we have the ability to encrypt it ourselves, and decide what cloud based solution to use. An all in one backup container.