When will there be an official Home Assistant for Android app???

The features of Ariela I like most are

  • Widgets (great for adding on the families phones for easy use)
  • NFC tag reading (shows as a sensor in HA)
  • Reporting of on board sensors including next alarm ( I can base automatons on what time I am
    getting up using that info from my phone.
  • The device tracker works really well however I am still using life360 for that.

These are just the main features for me that make the app better than just using the webui

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If “official” Android app implies it must be open-source then that narrows the field of available options.

The inherent risk of elevating a closed-source app to “official” status is the app’s developer may ‘go dark’ (looking at you Zanzito). Without access to the developer or the source code, the community has no ability to update it and must find another “official” app.

An open-source app may be chosen as the official one but that doesn’t necessarily eliminate the market for a paid, closed-source app that offers superior functionality and performance. Competition breeds innovation and users will be drawn to whatever serves them best.

All in all, there’s room for more than one.


Well, my answer wasn’t directly aimed at you, but please do explain then :slight_smile:

I’ve highlighted my point in bold:

It is the same person who is developing iOS app, mobile component and now an Android app.

I really love and appreciate @robbiet480’s work but who was waiting for new releases for like literally years, knows what I mean when I’m talking about losing the focus.

I don’t see how my post contradicts what you have said.

I personally welcome a free, open source app that is secure. If the developer has other responsibilities but feels that they are doing good than that is her/his choice, and I thank them. I don’t use any Android app but have used Android since the original Google phone Nexus 1. It makes sense that there should be an Android app as there is an IOS app.I just wouldn’t demand one bc I don’t know how to contribute to making one myself. I somewhat depend on the kindness of people here to scrutinize and expose security issues and this is easier with open source apps. Monetized apps still have a place to get u that special support u need or a flashier UI. I’m not sure how having both an open source official app but also the same app with a cost associated in any different form would work out.

Anyways reading the initial post, I thought this person means business and who is this super hero lol. I’m still not sure I’ll use an app tho I’m currently ok with tracking with Google location tracking and html5 notifications… Till Google starts messing around

He is free to work on whatever he pleases, regardless if people are waiting for new releases/features etc.
Its his choice at the end of the day.


Sounds like a good reason to plug on my Moto X developer edition.

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Aaah, the irony. Years of “where is the official Android app?” and now here I am having to defend why there will be an official Android app :thinking:

I am not going to respond to the post about Robbie having to focus. It’s his life, his time, he can do as he pleases. And if he chooses to spend that time on building open source things that he will share with anyone, let’s not discourage him, but support him instead, please?

Most work for a mobile app that smoothly integrates with Home Assistant is actually done inside Home Assistant itself: secure token based authentication, webhooks to send data back, mobile app component to tightly integrate the data with other parts of Home Assistant. Robbie has recently put a lot of work in the mobile app part, and so in proxy, Robbie is making all other apps better, including Ariela.

About Ariela. We have talked to @Ionut and looked at Ariela and decided that it does things that we would not consider suitable for an official app.

  • We don’t want a native UI that is built around the Lovelace config. This is not a publicly supported format and by putting it in an official app, it would be one. The customizability of Lovelace does not translate easily to native controls, and it will be an endless catch up game until you have basically reinvented the browser rendering engine?

  • Putting MQTT credentials on a phone means it can bypass the permission system that we’re building, by sending to topics and influence Home Assistant directly.

I don’t expect Ariela to remove features, remove ads and become open source to become an official app. That doesn’t make sense. We have been putting a lot of effort in making Home Assistant simple and easy to use, and we will continue to do so. This is not a disconnect between developers and users, ease of use is the most frequent feedback.

Having multiple apps is not a bad thing, it’s the contrary. The great thing is that if people use one app, feel that it lacks features or disagree with choices that are made, they can switch! Yay for choice.


Totally agree, Can’t wait for the Android app​:+1::+1::+1:

And, I am sure. you can tactfully “borrow” any good mobile app ideas that can fit within the official framework too.

Thank you for this open, flexible ecosystem.

I’ll summarise the issue to make it clear:

  1. There is an existing feature-rich, actively developed app which @ionut by himself proposed to open-source and make it the official Android companion. But was rejected because by default it uses native Android components. I believe most users immediately switch to Lovelace in the settings.
  2. There are plans to start developing a new app.

Do everyone understand how much resources are required to fully integrate into platform like iOS or Android and leverage all the sweet staff?
@robbiet480 went this hard way with Swift.
I mean, it’s in Beta now.

Is there a place for collaboration instead of reinventing the wheel?

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This is @balloob 's sandbox. You are free to fork and collaborate to your heart’s content. :wink:

There is a place for collaboration, hence why the mobile app component is built in a way that it’s able to support all mobile apps. We have written very detailed instructions on how to integrate with Home Assistant and the Android mobile app will be built according to that spec.


@ionut Any thoughts?
(Replied to another post by mistake)

Seems that this escalated a bit and i am sorry for that. All i wanted was to explain the statement @teachingbirds said : “Paulus have opened up for the existing android apps to become official, but apparently that doesn’t seem to be something they want” which is not actually true and in fact i offered to make Ariela open source and fix the things mentioned by @balloob.

Now, regarding Ariela and the new official app which is in developing, there is no harm if both of them could coexist and i don’t see why we cannot discuss ideas or even help coding.
Indeed, Ariela tend to be more native in displaying entities, cards etc, meaning that custom lovelace cards will not be supported without extra work. But knowing this , a Web UI mode was also added for the users who do not want to use native. Same for MQTT, device tracker and most of Ariela functions, the functions exists in the app, but at the end users will have to choose if they will enable them or not.

At the end all i can say is that if anyone want my help or have any questions regarding Android & Home Assistant, please do not hesitate to ask, this being my way of helping this wonderful community.


Thank you all for participating in the discussion :heart:
Your time is greatly appreciated!

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Thing is that I’ve even wanted to give your app second chance and it’s so not userfriendly at the beginning… I have to give WiFi name even if I have my own network configured to sort out either it’s local or remote connection… Also had issues with the token (why still bother with users with api_password as it’s deprecating)?
I didn’t even get thru first few steps to be able to try it out.

Did you consider ReactNative? You’d be able to share much/most of the code between iOS and Android.

Indeed the setup process can be a little confusing but i believed that its explained enough in order to complete the connection. I know that api_password is deprecated, but unfortunately this doesn’t mean that its permanently removed so users will tend to use it. Please use the Ariela discussion thread if you want to give more details on what didn’t worked on your end to setup, in order to not spam this thread. Thank you.