Home Assistant for iOS 2.0 Beta Testing

Home Assistant for iOS 2.0 is now available for beta testing! You can sign up here.

Along with launching the 2.0 beta, i’ve started a Patreon to enable me to dedicate real time to Home Assistant for iOS as well as Home Assistant itself. I’ve done this after consultation with almost 10 people in the community and have built the program from their feedback. Without this support, iOS updates will sadly continue to be few and far between as I need to sandwich it between time spent doing an actual paid job. In addition, I will be adding a tip jar to the app to allow for one off donations to support my ongoing work.

As of 2.0, you no longer need to worry about breaking your existing app configuration, the version in the App Store lives entirely separately from the beta and dev builds.

If you are not interested in backing the project on Patreon, I totally understand. If you want to support me but don’t like the idea of Patreon, please DM me on the forums and we can work out an alternative option!

Finally, please be aware that as of 2.0, Home Assistant for iOS requires at least Home Assistant 0.90.

Back to the release, here’s everything that has made it into this release thus far:

  • Remove iOS 9 support
  • Update dependencies
  • Swift 4.2 migration
  • mobile_app integration
    • All communication with Home Assistant, with the exception of getting camera streams, happens via a webhook, meaning that it is a lot more secure and less prone to breaking changes. It also allows me to not have to worry about updating the ios component.
    • If you are a Nabu Casa subscriber, the webhook will automatically become a Cloudhook, which allows you to no longer have to open a port in your router for the iOS app to be able to communicate back to Home Assistant through.
    • Finally, again, if you are a Nabu Casa subscriber, the app has been fully updated to automatically support the new remote UI, introduced in 0.90.
  • Notification enhancements
    • Critical Alerts
    • Notification Settings deep link
    • Notification grouping enhancements (set thread ID on every notification generated by the app for native grouping, leave other groups up to users)
    • Duplicate categories
    • Actionable notification configuration in-app (yay no more YAML!)
  • Siri Shortcuts
    • Send Location
      • Default behavior is send current location
      • Check pasteboard for lat,long or address to geocode
    • Call Service
      • Allow setting just service name or service name + payload
      • If no payload set use pasteboard contents
    • Fire Event
      • Allow setting event name or event name + payload
    • Get image from camera proxy
      • Put it on pasteboard
    • Render template
  • Apple Watch
    • Complications support
    • App for actions
    • Map and Camera interactive notifications
  • Today Widget
    • Allow calling same actions as Watch
  • New data in updates
    • Pedometer data
    • Connection information including SSID, BSSID and connection type
    • Geocoded placemark
    • Timezone
  • Theme support
  • X-Callback-URL
    • Expose services for other apps
    • Support a Shortcut payload in notifications to open a shortcut and report back status see also
  • Alternate icons

Great work. Do you have an easy example for creating new notifications in app?

Would love an example of Critical Alerts! Would love to start testing that out with my water leak sensors.


First of all: Great improvements! @robbiet480. When opening the app i can login with username ans password, then asking for my 2FA code, when giving in code there is an error: ‘password unkown’ after two factor authentication window. Strange…

Secondly; is there any docs about how to get the Apple Watch working; installed the Complication, but Home Assistant app seems to be empty on the watch.

Can we now have a notification with picture from camers (not live stream) by using Home Assistant cloud remote ui?

I still have issues using basic auth (Caddy reverse proxy in front)

I can send you the logs in DM

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Awesome release, I’ve already added a shortcut which was amazingly easy btw. I’m with the above poster who needs some information on the notifications. Also, where is the tip jar function? You definitely deserve something for your hard work. Keep up the good work!

You have caddy requiring a basic username/password as well as home assistant? Are you sure you’re not confusing Home Assistant Auth with basic auth in the app? They are totally different things. I use caddy as well but don’t have advanced settings configured.

I have Caddy with basic auth in front of HA, yes. It may be i have misunderstood the basic auth functionality, but which other possibility for basic auth does one have?

Ref: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant-iOS/issues/26#issuecomment-466835349

So if you login to Home Assistant, you enter a username and password for Caddy and then a username and password to log in to home assistant?

I have been running the Beta Testing from the beginning.my IOS HA app is on version 1.5.1(3) right now. How can I get Beta 2.0? Opened the test flight app but nothing about beta 2.9 there.

Do I need to sign up again?

There is a seperate beta for version 2

For people who want to have a go at the whole new features I have example YAML code for critical notifications, actionable notifications and the whole new sensor data supplied with the device tracker on my GitHub repo.

It’s spread over two files:

I’ll be happy to help with questions as my time allows.


Thanks. But how do I do that? i dont see any place to sign up.

@Dayve67 open the link on your iOS device


Thank you. I missed that part.

Oh wow. The new Beta is much faster. Big thumbs up :smile:

Thanks, looks great already. Now need to study the watch bit, looks great. One question so far, what’s the remaining sends?


Trying the beta and it also seems much faster.

Is it my impression or sensor information in the bottom of a page seems to appear slightly cut in the beta version?

Beta version

Latest non-beta version:

@robbiet480 Is it possible to get tap on top of window, to get page to scroll top, also on ‘Developer tools’ screens (as it does in other pages)? It never worked on stable version, it still doesn’t on beta version, not sure if it’s not supposed to or just a non-reported bug?

Thanks in advance for this great app.

So… you no longer need the iOS component? Does this mean that I have to adjust ah my notifications if my wife moves to this beta?