Where advanced options

I don’t found the advanced options for reboot or shutdown system:

I have HA container core-2023.4.5

Thanks for tour help

I search this:

I understand. The lower two options are only available if you’re running the Home Assistant OS. It doesn’t apply to containers.

It is possible to use the options in systems with a supported supervisor, so supervised setups will have it available too.

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Ok, thanks. So, is it reboot system = reboot HA docker?

Restarts the container rather than docker itself, I’d imagine. I run HA in a container on my Synology NAS alongside lots of other containers, and the restart option does not affect the others — fortunately!

Docker is a container system, so restart docker and restart container are the same.

Restart system/host is restart of the entire host, ie. all docker containers and main OS.
This is somewhat equal to pulling the power.