Where are all the water flow sensors?

I’m doing a renovation of an old house and would really like to find a way to measure flow for the whole house and potentially turn off the mains remotely. The StreamLabs control unit seems great, but I’d much prefer to self-host rather than working with a cloud-polling API which might expire some day (probably soon). There also seem to be a lack of these devices in Europe in general. Worth emphasising that I don’t need flood detectors, I’ve already got these in place. And ideally prefer zigbee, but can do wifi or zwave if necessary.

Hi, I don’t ever recall seeing any Zigbee or Z-wave flow meters.

You might consider a turbine meter such as the following connected to an ESP32 microcontroller with ESPHome which would make the signal available to Home Assistant via WiFi. The listing refers to a “switch” however I am pretty sure it is a flowmeter as you can see the turbine in the photos and an equation is provided to calculate the flow in l/min from the pulses provided by the turbine.

If this is suitable for your purposes then you could make your own meter for less than $20.

Obviously check the pipe size and connection type before ordering.

I use a similar flow meter/pulse counter and ESP8266 to measure flow, and then a ball valve could enable/disable the flow. Or you could use an all-in-one thing like this: Watercop WaterCop Z-Wave - Watercop, if they’re available in Europe.

You can check sinope. If they can work in Europe for you.
They have automatic shut-off valve with an option to add flowmeter. They are zigbee or wireless. But are in the 1" or 3/4" pipe, that’s why it might not work unless you use adapter or have 25mm pipe equivalent.

Sorry for bumping :slight_smile: After I have this sensor, using ESPhome I gather the flow per 1min.
How can I get the right numbers on dashboard now ? 1 days consumption or something like that ?
Or, I should use grafana

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working with the fellow at Z-wave JS to get my water meter + valve into HA. Seems to have basic functionality, despite not being supported yet, hopefully the peeps at z-wave js can do their magic.

I’m messing around with just putting a Aqara vibration sensor on the faucet. If in position X for x amount of time, shutdown the water using a wifi/zigbee water valve.

How it goes ? Was that a success?

If anyone is curious - I have the following setup (US):

  1. This [https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01B4L48QU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1](https://SDR unit) plugged into HA listening for smart meter readings

  2. LIBRTL running in a docker container reading SDR device

#get usb device name of RTL
usblink=`lsusb | grep RTL | sed "s#[^0-9]*\([0-9]*\)[^0-9]*\([0-9]*\).*#/dev/bus/usb/\1/\2#g"`
# run rtl_tcp image
docker stop rtl_tcp; docker rm rtl_tcp; docker run -d --net="host" --name=rtl_tcp  --device $usblink:$usblink -it librtlsdr rtl_tcp -a YOUR_RTL_HOST_ADDRESS
  1. Metermon running in docker relaying RTL to MQTT
  1. HA listening for gas and water meters:
  - state_topic: 'metermon/YOUR_GAS_METER_ID'
      value_template: '{{ value_json.Consumption | float(0) }}'
      name: 'Gas Meter'
      unit_of_measurement: "ft³"
      device_class: gas
      state_class: total
    - state_topic: 'metermon/YOUR_WATER_METER_ID'
      value_template: '{{ value_json.Consumption | float(0) | multiply(10) }}'
      name: 'Water Meter'
      unit_of_measurement: "gal"
      state_class: total
      device_class: water

You can get meter ids from metermon logs. Just pick yours over neighbors using by looking at the actual meter reading.

  1. These sensors do work with Energy dashboard

Wow cool. Looks like you meter broadcasts its measurements. Not sure if my does the same… my one looks like just a analog old school meter (im in AU)