Where are HACS files really stored?


I am trying to remove the progress bar from this project:

I download the git and removed the progress bar and built it. The new files look good but when i upload them to “/homeassistant/www/community/weather-radar-card” and override the files that are there nothing changes in home assistant. I rebooted the pi etc / reloaded configs etc.

Are these files also stored somewhere else? Is HA cacheing them somewhere?


You also need to remove the .gz file that is stored in the same folder as the .js. If not it will continue to use it instead.

And also do a hard cache reload of your browser. (ctrl-F5 in chrome)

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Thanks for the info, Ctrl F5 wasnt doing anything so i went into dev\network and disabled file cache which worked. I was manually creating the gz file and uploading it, do I not need to do that or will it re generate on its own just by deleting it?

I’ve never needed to create that file anywhere myself.

Once you download the repo files from the HACS interface I’m pretty sure that HACS itself creates that file.

So if you doing everything locally and not using the HACS repo then you should probably store your local file (only the .js one) in a different location than the HACS repo files. then just point your lovelace resources entry to the new location. You don’t even need the .gz file at all. Just leave it out.

the way I do my non-HACS lovelace files is I have created a new directory under the ‘/www’ directory called ‘lovelace’. So the full path is ‘/local/lovelace/my_file.js’. Then enter that path under the resources tab of the frontend. You will need to be sure to remove the one from HACS. Then after you reload the front end cache it should start using that file instead of the HACS one.

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Makes sense, thanks for the advice.

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