Where are Hue Groups Created via Terminal

I’ve followed the instructions in the Hue Integrations documentation to create Hue groups by inputting

curl -XPOST -d '{"name": "Ceiling lights", "lights": ["1", "2", "3"]}' http://<bridge>/api/<username>/groups

However, are these created groups ‘held’ in a file anywhere? I can’t remember which ones I’ve already created and if I want to add/remove lights to a group but I don’t know how to recall or find a group created in the above way. They aren’t in groups.yaml, I’m guessing because they’re light groups but can I refer to them anywhere?

If you do it like this, the groups are created inside the Hue bridge. You won’t see them in any home assistamt file. You can only change/create/delete them to API calls, such as the one you used to create the groups.

A GET request to http://<bridge>/api/<username>/groups should ahow you all the groups you created.

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Ah, okay, that makes sense.

Thank you.