Where are schedules stored?

I am using the schedule helper, but really need more precise control of the start and end times within the defined schedules. The off-the-shelf configuration tool only allows granularity to the nearest 30 minutes. Profoundly irritating, to say the least. So I figured I’d update them behind the scenes with the file editor, but am at an impasse.

Where are they stored so that I can work around the lack of forethought in HA? Or is there no way to do it? Has no one working on Home Assistant ever wanted to test their automations without having to wait till the next 30 minute mark?

I see I am nowhere near the first person who wants more granular control, but the few other topics asking about it just seem to die off cuz no one ever offers an actual solution.

If you want finer grained control then use YAML.

That’s an extremely vague reply. Are you telling me to edit the YAML created by the schedule addon? If so, I must reiterate the original question, which is where is it stored?

Are you saying that I need to manage every single start and stop event throughout the week individually via automations/scripts/etc.? I really want to use the scheduler to manage things like turning the open sign on and off at the right times, Monday through Saturday. So does this mean that unless the time to turn it on and off is on a half-hour mark, I’ll need a separate script for each event each day, leading to twelve separate scripts or automations?

I am trying to move away from individualized automations for open and close and for the different lighting needed for each of the classes throughout the week. If I could make the schedule more granular, I could reduce the number of automations and scripts from about sixty to less than twenty. Obviously, I can adjust the hours we are open (the open sign is on or off) to be on the half-hour, but the most relevant control I need is to turn on specific lights five minutes before a class starts and off five minutes after the class ends - and these classes can’t be rescheduled, since they have more than a hundred students enrolled in them.

No. UI created schedules are only editable via the UI. And it is not an “add-on” it is an integration/helper. Very different thing.

Again no.

Read the documentation link I posted.

You define a schedule composed of start and stop times either via the UI where you are limited to 30min blocks or via yaml (see the examples in the documentation) where you are not limited to 30 minute blocks.

You can then use this schedule’s state (on or off) to trigger automations or in state conditions in your automations.

The other option is to define 30min blocks via the UI and only trigger on the start time. For the off actions you can use delays or timers in your automations. This is how I control my irrigation as the on time is less than 30 minutes. Open the valve when the schedule turns on, close the valve when the number of minutes I want has passed.

More granular control has been asked for via the UI in this feature request, feel free to vote for it: Weekly Schedule Helper improvements