Where are the +5V and GND pinout on the new Sonoff R2 v1.3 2022

I am trying two use my sonoff switch to remotely turn on/off my PC. I’m following this tutorial.

I need to connect my USB cable’s +5v and gnd to the sonoff board. But I’m not sure where these pins are.

According to this post I need to disconnect the + and - wires from the transformer to the pcb and connect those same +/- wires to the usb cable and power on the sonoff. Will this work?

Here are the front & back pics of my sonoff switch

I don’t consider a tutorial with no descriptive commentary, no schematic and accompanied with annoying music as a reliable tutorial.

First, and above all else, turning a PC on or off by removing the AC power is simply wrong and will likely eventually produce operating system errors. When you do a proper shutdown of a PC, temporary operating system parameters are first saved to the boot disk, then the processor puts the PSU into a standby condition. (It’s never “off”).

In other words this tutorial is crap.

To turn the PC on, you need a relay or transistor on the PS-ON pin of the power supply to ground. A quarter of a second should do it.

There is no easy way to turn off the PC, but if you use the same relay but hold PS-ON to ground for one second, then your PC will either shut down or hibernate depending on your power settings.

I would not use a Sonoff Basic for this. You can build a simple circuit using an ESP8266-01 or a Wemos D1 Mini.

use sonoff relay NO contact and link it to your PowerOn switch of your PC, than use tasmota/esphome or whatever fw you like to control. The PC can be teached to shut down forced if power button is depressed for 4 seconds or so.