Where are these entities coming from?

➜  /config find . -type f -exec grep -l  device_tracker.life360_daniel {} \;
➜  /config

I recall now that these were the previous renamed entities before I had deleted/re-added Life360 integration. Solution:

ha core stop
rm /config/home-assistant_v2.db
ha core start

Another one from Traccar integration which I have removed…

But not found…

Did you also remove the Life360 entries from known_devices.yaml, or delete that file? That’s generally where those “legacy” entities would be coming from after upgrading from 2022.6.7 or older to 2022.7.0 or newer. See the breaking changes notes for Life360 in the 2022.7 release notes for more details.

Thanks, but yes, I had deleted that file while troubleshooting.

I just looked now at my entities again for “life360” and those two are mysteriously gone!


It’s been observed that sometimes the browser’s cache can sometimes cause entities that no longer exist to still appear on a page. I know this has happened on the STATES page. It may also happen on this page. If you manually refresh the page (e.g., F5) the correct entities are displayed. Even if you don’t manually refresh the browser, depending on what you’re doing, the “ghost” entities will eventually disappear on their own.

But, bottom line, it’s good things appear to be working for you correctly now.